Thursday, November 29, 2012

Would you?

So this story came out today on The Blaze and I had to share it.  While it sounds like it has made quite the impression on Facebook, it is a good reminder of how open our eyes and heart have to be.  I wrote a couple days ago about the spiritual poverty of our nation, but this is truly an example of someone who is in need.

To give you the basics of the story, a police officer happened upon this homeless man who didn't have shoes. It was cold enough that night that another officer stated that he had two pairs of socks on himself and was still cold, so he can only imagine how this gentleman felt.

The officer proceeded to go into the Sketchers store near by and buy the man a $100 pair of all weather boots.

To me, when I hear a story like this I see Christ in action. I do believe there are people nearby to many of us who are in similar situations, we just have to be prepared to truly see. 

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