Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Election

Well... it is over.  The election didn't really end the way I had hoped, but in reality was there really going to be a good way to end it?  Sure I had a different presidential candidate in mind for winning, but my only reason for that was because of the possibilities that are available to the a second term president who no longer cares about being re-elected.

On the bright side, I know God knows what He is doing. I look back at Israel and how many bad kings they had and how many good kings they had.  It never changed whether God was in control or not. He was always in control and just used those bad times to really bring His people back to Him.

I look back through the Bible and look at our nation and they ultimately tell the same story.  Sin is present and God is evident.  Sin comes to destroy and separate us from from each other and God comes to build up and mend our broken relationships.

Our country is full of broken people.  Like I have been saying for some time, people have become less caring about each other and want to hide themselves.  Christians in general haven't really been any better.  We push people to "be better," make better choices, and to become like us, rather than allowing them to be who God created them to be.  We don't embrace God's creativity rather we get mad at those who don't believe the exact same thing we do.

While I don't like what is happening to our country, was it ever really any better?  Has the drive for "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" ever been a good way to look at it?  Aren't those things only found in God anyway? Truly living life is only found in God, have true liberty should be a reflection of our service to God, and wouldn't pursuing God really be pursuing happiness?  Maybe it is a good way to look at things, we just have been so focused on the here and now of it that we forget that God has to be the center of it all anyway.

Basically what I have come down to at this moment is that if I continue to work on the things that God has laid on my heart over the last 6 months and truly work on developing the relationships He has called me to, things will be ok.  He is still in control and I trust He knows what He is doing. There were true followers in the Bible who had to endure the "will" of the people and God used them.  I want to be someone God is able to use.  I want to be someone God can show Himself through.  I want to be the me He created me to be.

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