Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seeing things differently

I know I wrote something like this a while back, but it's part of where I am right now so I thought I would share. 

As most of you probably know I have started photographing people a lot more recently.  I really enjoy doing it, and the extra money on the side always helps. 

In trying to learn how to get better at photographing I have spent quite a bit of time looking at others photographs, watching photographers talk about photography on Youtube, and even watching a photographer in person. One of the things I have learned is that you have to really see things differently.  You can't just go about life looking at things the way you always have, but rather you have to learn to look at the lighting, the background, and the elements that will be in the picture.  It's not easy to do what the professionals do.

In the journey I have began a process of really trying to see things differently myself.  I want to learn how to see light and the beauty it creates.  The way a photographer uses the light is a large percentage of what makes a photograph beautiful to those who are looking at it. 

As I begin to slow down and really look at things and try to really see what is right in front of me, I can begin to see beauty that I have missed before.  My wife will tell you that it is very wasy for me to miss things that are right in front of my face.  I overlook some of the most obvious things because I am too busy with what I perceive as big picture, that I miss things of importance sometimes.

I don't really like new year's resolutions, but I am striving this year to learn to see the beauty in the things God has put right before me.  I am not meaning just in a sense of taking photos, but rather even in my everyday life, the things I take for granted.

I also find it interesting as I think about the subject, that Christ called Himself the Light of the World.  I know He was referencing the fact that He will help us see through the darkness and lies and make it so that we have a path to follow, but what if it meant so much more.  What if it also meant that He would help us see the beauty in others.  He could take what seems so "ordinary" and make it beautiful.  Maybe it's time we start looking for the Light in more ways than just to see where we are going.

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