Monday, December 10, 2012

Pharisaical No. 2

So, I have been thinking the past little bit about different ideas and things we do, just because it is either what we have been taught or what we have always believed.  I started thinking about it really when my wife and I were talking about Christmas and how so many things we do around Christmas time actually have a way of being adaptations of "secular" traditions/beliefs that someone along the way has used as a teaching moment and opportunity to share Christ. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out "Buck Denver asks, Why do we call it Christmas?" I would highly recommend it and I believe everyone has something to learn from it.  Appears to be a movie for kids, but adults will love it too.

Anyway, back to the point, I think many of us, myself included, should take this time each year to evaluate what it is in our life that we have been "doing" that really no longer serves as value to our relationship with Christ and the only reason we do it, is because it's what we have always done.  Then, decide if we need to add meaning back into it and find a way to give it real meaning to our relationship, or move on from it and look for an opportunity to relate to Christ in another way. 

I call this Pharisaical because the Pharisees had a bad habit of worshiping the rituals rather than worshiping the one true God.  They made everyone about doing what was right and avoiding what was wrong that they missed the opportunity to really worship God and understand that it is a matter of the heart rather than a matter of duty.

I wonder how many things in our lives have gotten in the way of our relationship, because it is part of our religion and we have missed the opportunity to see what more God has to offer us. 

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