Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well...I haven't been blogging much lately, mostly because I've gotten a little more focused on photography recently.  Through the course of events I've started shooting for other people to make a little extra money on the side and to support my hobby.  It's been an interesting experience thus far, but I am excited to see what the future holds.

What I have found interesting though is how easy it is to get so focused on other things that we forget to slow down and keep God as number one in our lives.  I know that is one of satan's biggest tools is to get us so busy doing something that God has allowed us to do, that we can easily forget God in it all.  I've had to really deal with this recently.

On the other side, however, I find it interesting how God made us to be creative beings.  I know God is creative, have you seen the things He has made.  Sometimes I wonder about what it is like for God to see us be so creative in so many ways.  By being creative, I mean all the positive creativity, not the negative side where we look for "creative" ways to get what we want or to do what we want to do.

Do you ever wonder if God has a "refrigerator" with the images of things we have created hanging on it?  Most parents here on Earth do something like that.  They want to do remember what their kids created.  My refrigerator is covered with different things my kids have made.  It brings joy to us as parents to be able to look at them and see something so creative come out of our kids.   I can't help but think God does the same.  Creativity makes us more like Him.  After all, He did make us in His own image and I don't think that actually means to make us to look just like Him. 

Anyway, just take some time and think about it.  Creativity can be so hard, especially if you are predominately left brained, but I think it brings God joy to see us being creative and really using the talents, abilities, and brains that He gave us.

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