Friday, December 23, 2011


Well, I have been reading Donald Miller's book "Blue Like Jazz" and am now reading "Searching for God knows what." They are amazing books and really challenge me to think about what I believe.  In his book Blue Like Jazz, Miller says talks of going to a conference where the speaker is making a corralation between how we talk about things and how we perceive them.  It makes great sense.  We speak of Love as if its a comodity.  We earn it, share it, give it, grow it.  Love is not a comodity.  Love it something that shoud be expressed to all people.  God did not call us to make others earn our love, but rather told us to share it with everyone.  Loving someone should not be based on what they do or can do for us, but rather should be expressed just simply because they exist.  How hard is that!?  I know it challenges me.  Its so easy to not "feel" love for someone when they can't do the same back to you or can't give you something in return.  Our love is so conditional when in reality it shouldn't be.

Really, though, I think a lot of our perspectives are screwed up.  I've always been taught that following God was about playing by the rules and following them.  The more I learn, the more I find that that is not the case.... more on that next time.