Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Bible ~ a love letter?

One of the greatest things about reading the Bible is that regardless what you have done, there is always someone in there that has either done the same thing or "worse."  What I find amazing is that God still uses those who make mistake after mistake after mistake. 

We have been studying Abraham for a while now in our Connection Class (similar to Sunday School) and if you break it down piece by piece the man royally screwed up many times, yet when he would return back to God and reestablish the communication with God, God would begin to use him again. 
There are so many other stories just like this in which we can read about God doing the very same thing. 

I used to hear call the Bible called a love letter and that always confused me.  I had read the Bible and it sure didn't seem like a love letter to me.  That is until most recently. 

I think one our greatest weaknesses as humans is our pride.  We want to hide our mistakes and keep them as far away from others as possible. We either think of ourselves as less than others, because of how bad we have screwed up, or we think of ourselves as greater than someone else because of how much they have screwed up. In reality, we have all screwed up and I would venture to say that all people have sinned in a way they are not proud of. 

I have written before about the importance of being "real" with each other.  When we are "real" God can begin to shape us.  God can begin to change us into the person He wants us to be.  Hiding who we are only builds up walls and destroys relationships.  That is why satan wants us to feel like we have to, because relationships are key to our relationship with God.  God wants us to be in relationship with each other and like I have mentioned before our love for God is only as great as our love for our enemy. 

Recently as I have been reading the Bible, the love letter concept has become more of a reality to me.  I can see where God is saying, "see, no matter how you screw up, if you turn around, I am still here."  That is true love.  Loving someone, no matter how bad they screw up, mess up, or push you away.  The Bible really is a love letter telling us He will be there for us and telling us to love people the same way. 

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