Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Video ... crazy guy on a bike.

I saw this video and had to share. 

While I don't know the guy or really what would motivate him to do something, to me, seems so scary and dangerous.  Then about halfway through the video, I started thinking about how much this really reminds me of life.  It seems like the older I get the faster time goes and that really scares me.  I have so much to I want to get done and I think about how I want to do it, but before I know it, a few weeks have gone by and it hasn't gotten done.  

I have to admit, life is slower than it was a year ago, when I was working all the time, finding little time for my family.  Now, however, It seems like the evenings are gone before they even really get started and I haven't spent the quality time I wanted to with my wife and kids.  

Over the past week or so I have really started to think about my ministry here.  Over the past 5 years or so I have spent a lot of time being involved in the church which later evolved into a ministry position.  However, since I moved here I haven't really been involved like I was before, for a number of reasons, but I am somewhat perplexed by the whole situation. 

I want to be involved, because I want to serve because I know how hard it is in churches when no one volunteers and the same people get stuck doing all the work.  I know what it is like to feel like you are alone with very little support and just wish you had someone to count on to help carry some of the load. 

On the other hand, my life just seems so busy and full as it is.  I know how much time ministry takes and that when I am in ministry, I want to make sure I am doing my part to the fullest...which takes time.  Again this would shorten the time I have and again speed up time....which seems to be going so fast as it is.

I love ministry, but I also love my time and a slower pace.


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