Monday, March 12, 2012

I don't need that...

Today, I wanted to start off with a bit of humor by a guy I found on YouTube. It is clean, funny, and hard to forget.

Now, while this video is funny, it has caused me to really think over the past few weeks.  I have caught myself thinking, "I don't need that," several times over the last few weeks.  I have found that the more I evaluate thoughts, desires, or possessions the more I find that it is very easy to want things that we just don't need.

In efforts to evaluate our "standard of living" and what we "need and don't need," my wife and I have really been considering giving up our cell phones so that we can find a better use for the money.  Sure they are great to have, but we have become so reliant on them that its very hard to say "I don't need that" about our cell phones.

There are numerous other things in our life that way.  Over the weekend we were talking and evaluating when it hit me.  When we have debt we are supporting banks rather than people.  Take a look at you credit much interest are you paying each month.  I bet you will be surprised.  I imagine some of you reading this are paying more than $30 a month in interest on just one of your cards.  Did you know that there are kids in other countries that for $30 a month their life would be changed? Instead of being able to change their life, we are giving to a bank instead.

Does it make you want to evaluate your standard of living? Does it make you want to get out of debt faster?  Life is so short here and we have so much...

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