Friday, March 9, 2012


Previously, I had mentioned how God had spoken to me a couple years ago and yet how I still struggle with trusting even when He has worked in great ways.

Well, over the past month, we have had several car problems, and it seemed as we fixed one another would show up.  I hate car problems.  Thinking that most of the issues had been resolved and that we could wait on the few that still needed to be mind was somewhat at ease.

Now, one of the cars I drive has had some issues getting warmer than it is should.  It doesn't overheat, but he does warm up farther than I like it to.  I was able, after searching online, to find that sometimes with this particular car if you get the RPMs over 2000 the car will cool down.  Easy enough right? I am at a stable point where my dad and I can work on it to get it fixed back to the way it should be...until last week.  On the way home last Friday, the car started to get warm again only this time I couldn't get it to come down.  So I pulled off the side of the road, checked the overflow was empty....its never empty.  Well....seeing as I have had routine car problems, I had water in the car.  I put it in the overflow cooled back down.  Weird, but I'm only a few miles from home...I can make it there and we can look at it.  A mile from home it does the same thing.  I pour water cools off....only this time I see steam.

I just wanted to get the car home so we could look at it without it having to be towed. Finally got it cooled off by adding more water and was able to make it home before it could warm back up.  I hated that feeling. Knowing that a car was messed up and it happened while I was driving.  I wanted to know what it was going to take to fix it, but I thought for sure it was the radiator.

Sunday night as we were going to bed, God kept me awake.  I believe He was impressing in my mind that it wasn't a huge deal, that the radiator plug had just blown out.  How could that be....that doesn't just happen?
Monday night I check and it feels like it was missing, but I couldn't tell...I needed to jack the car up, but didn't have time. I told my dad what I thought it was and Tuesday he brought a plug over.

I jacked the car up...sure had blown the plug.  It was such a relief to know that that small hole caused so much stress and anxiety for me.

It made me wonder what other "Holes" in our lives have we not listened or trusted God about?  What else do we worry about that if we just took the time to stop and listen He would show us how to fix or that He is in control and it will be OK?  Why is this such a hard thing to get?

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