Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You might think I'm crazy

Do you ever wonder why it is we have such a hard time trusting God? You know what I am talking about...we all worry from time to time. Isn't that the same as not trusting God?

I am going to be open and honest and say that I have a hard time trusting God. I believe in my head that I don't have to worry about anything and that He has everything in control, but in my heart and the way I live...I find that I really struggle with this.

Do you want to know what's worse. He has proven He can be trusted...He is faithful...He is just.

Now I could say I know this because I've read a lot in the Bible and believe every word and therefor I have proof that I don't need to worry. However, for me, its goes a step further.

I don't share this story often, mostly because to this day I still struggle with worrying. How could I still worry after what He has done in my life?

I never used to wear my seat belt. My wife always told me I should and was working on getting me to wear it. There were still times though that when driving by myself I...I would just not wear it.

A couple years ago, it was another one of those days where I got up early and headed to work...Only this time as the car started and I began to back up I heard something from behind me say, "Put your seat belt on." It sounded like it came from the speaker, but only the rear speaker behind me. Well... I didn't have a clue what it was, but as my wife had been on me about it, I thought I had better go ahead and do it.

That morning, after getting on the highway, I was just to the right of a Semi as he began to merge over. I sped up but he still clipped the back end of my car and then hit be again as the car began to turn sideways. I was quickly able to put the car in reverse and move back so that I didn't get hit by other coming traffic.

Sitting there I began thinking about what I should do. Do I get out and see how bad the car is? I don't hurt too much...I can get out and look. Just as I was about to get out...the "speaker" said "Don't get out."

Long story short, I was completely OK other than spending some time going to the chiropractor. The car was totaled, but what is even more humorous to me now than anything was that not just 3 weeks prior I had mentioned that the only thing I was worrying about was...our car. Guess what....we got a new one.

Thinking about this story makes me wonder about how I could ever not trust God. Not only do I know in my head He is trustworthy, but He has actually taken the time to prove Himself to my reality.

I know God doesn't need to prove anything, but I am thankful He showed up. Who knows what could have been.

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