Friday, March 23, 2012

So Many Questions...

Last week, I felt "blah" (its a scientific term) for a couple days and really couldn't think of much to write. After being up pretty much most of the night two nights in a row left me with little sleep and not much left on the table. It is days like those that really challenge me. They challenge me to think about my life and if my walk with Christ has somehow become less of a walk and more of a standstill. Now I know in tired times we sometimes think things that either don't make any sense or may not reflect what we think when we are fully able to function.

Anyway, that all being said, I was thinking it might be interesting to take a challenge. I know I don't have very many readers and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of my readers believe pretty similar ideas and concepts to what I believe. However, now that I am out of ministry per say, I wonder if I have stopped challenging my beliefs and thoughts and have began to take an easier road.

Now I know that relationships are extremely important. So important that Jesus spent most of his time developing them...cultivating them...helping them grow. However there are going to be times in those relationships where questions come up that you may not have the answer to...and needless to say, I probably don't have them either. However, my challenge would be to open myself up as a sounding board for those questions and thoughts that go along with them.

Here is what I am asking of you. Come up with a question you are dealing with....don't feel like putting your name...then leave it as anonymous, but come up with something you would like help with and I will see what I can do. I will take the questions in the order they come and answer them as I can. Some might take longer than others especially if I have to do my research and studying on them. I won't claim to know all the answer, but rather give you my current opinion and thoughts on the subject. I will say that in fact I will probably get some of them wrong, but I trust that God will help guide me to a place where we can develop answers that honor Him and bring the attention back to Him.

Who knows...maybe I wont get any questions...but if I do then maybe someone else out there will see we are all alike. We all struggle. We all deal with doubts. We all deal with questions that we just don't seem to have answers for. We need the open communication to bring to light the areas that we have issues with understanding.

Ask Away.

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