Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My New Book: Real Biblical Lessons From My Kids

Well...actually its not my book...yet.  It probably never will be, but oh how I wish I would have started keeping track of these things when Noah was born.  I would probably have quite a few pieces put together.  I have been thinking about this for quite some time and always wished that I would actually start doing it, but never thought anyone would read it....maybe they wouldn't but it would be a good reminder anyway.

Last night, as we were getting the boys ready for bed I walked in the bathroom to help them finish their back and found Noah scratching Taylor's back.  In the midst of washing Noah's hair Taylor asked him if he would like his back scratched and proceeded to move to do so.  I thought it interesting that he would do this, but they love each other so I didn't really think much more of it.

A little while later I was telling Marcey about it and Noah piped up and said, "You told me to treat other people like I want to be treated and that's what I did."  Now, I am sure he probably missed the point of not doing things for other so that they will do for you, but the reality is that he was putting into place what we had told him the bible says.

It made me think...why is it that kids can so easily accept what the bible says and be willing to do it (most of the time...we still know they fight with selfish desires), and yet so many of us have issues with even that basic principle.

I don't really want to get into that today, but my real thoughts today come from Luke 18:17 and how Christ told us we needed to become like children in order to receive the kingdom of God.  I know there are some deep theological thoughts to that passage, but just at face value it is a huge challenge for us.  The had as children seems to be lost as we get older.  It takes more for us to believe....more for us to be free to serve...more for us to be willing...more for us love...and it is so hard to give grace.

Challenging don't you think?

I've got more stories from my kids as time goes on, but I had to put that into words before I let it pass and forgot how easy it really could be.

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