Friday, March 16, 2012

That's crazy!

Ok...ok...I have to admit that title only has a little to do with today's post.  Ever since my post about my dilemma followed by  Brady's response to "Lack of a Resolution" I have really been curious as to why we no longer live in community like we used to.

I have been really thinking about that lately and wondering what it would be like to live like put all your stuff...all your money....all that you have in a pool so that everyone is taken care of.   It amazes me how in Acts it talks about how they all chose to do this.  They wanted to take care of each other...they wanted to learn more about God....they wanted to follow Him will all of who they are.

Why aren't we still doing that?  Are we too scared what others would think?  I know many people think that people living in commune like that would be considered a cult, but then again, weren't these people looked at as kind-of weird?  I don't mind being "weird" if it means that I am doing the right thing and following Christ like I should.

Thank about it...if we were living like that, how many more people could we help?  If you have two or three families in a house where everyone is doing their part, couldn't the bills be paid easier, the kids would have more people to look after them, more things would be able to get done in a day and at the end of it all, more time could be spent learning about God and really being able to give to others in need.

Do we have it all wrong? Are we living so self centered and self focused that we are still missing the point?  Why is it that some parts of the world really live like this, but the "wealthier, more developed countries" don't? 

Side note:
Now, if you have been reading along, you will know that I listen to conservative talk show sometimes during the day, as I can't really get any other station.  One constant conversation they have is about taxes and how they are so much harder on the rich and easier on the poor and how the poor are getting money they didn't even pay in, but rather the rich paid in.  It got me thinking....isn't that somewhat like what we should be doing only the heart has been taken out of it?  Instead of the rich having the opportunity to give for themselves they have been told they must give, which I can completely see why they might be upset by that. 

Sounds like it all had a good start, but unfortunately like many things good, portions have become perverse and it has created a lot of discourse in our country.  I don't even really know how to process what I think about it.

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