Friday, March 23, 2012


Yesterday was an interesting experience for me.  Often times while I am at work I will pull up YouTube and listen to music while working.  Occasionally I will come across a video that catches my attention and so I will watch it.  While perusing my playlists, I happen to come to a Casting Crowns  music video of "Does Anybody Hear Her."  It really caught my attention because I have heard the song before, but never really thought of it like the video displayed.  I thought it very disturbing how the people from the church interacted (or didn't rather) with the girl.

Thinking about that last night as I went to my part time job at Office Depot, it caught my attention when a gentleman walked up to pick up a job he was having done that clearly represented that he was a Christian organization.  I was dumbfounded at how harsh he was with his words and how he treated the other customers. He wasn't upset with his job, but had a demeanor of entitlement.  I started thinking about how many times I had seen that before.  People who were openly having things printed for their religious organization and could use it as an opportunity to really show Christ, instead treated, not only me, but other customers as well with very little respect or kindness for that matter.  Why would someone knowing that they are having a service done that clearly states that they are a follower of Christ, treat people in such a way that goes against everything I believe Christ is about?

I have to I ever like that?  Have there been times when it should have been obvious that I claimed to be a follower yet my actions didn't line up?  No wonder so many don't like the church.  No wonder so many don't want to be a "Christian."

Relationships are vital, yet often one of the last things we work on. They are put on the back burner so that we can complete all the "Religious" things we think we must do.  It is easier to follow a set of rules and have a checklist of things to do than to follow Christ.  Christ never called us to a an easy life.


  1. So true! Excellent post and reminder!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, Alan. I enjoyed taking a walk through yours. You are both a thoughtful and a very accessible writer. Many blessings,