Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter 2: Reading your Bible

As I mentioned yesterday, I would love to someday write a book about what I have learned from my boys.  Last night they schooled me again.

I got home last night after my weekly men's accountability group meeting to find my two boys ready for bed, but not yet in bed.  After getting them calmed down and directed towards their room, I was finally able to get Taylor ready to be tucked into bed.  As I ask him to go lay down, he says, "But we haven't ready our bvotional yet."  Noah immediately said, "Yea, you haven't read to us yet."

Now, I know a certain part of what they were saying had to do with wanting to stay up just a few minutes longer, but it made me wonder...When was the last time I said, "I can't go to bed yet, I haven't spent my time with God?"  I am certain that we have all done it from time to time...for one reason or another God hasn't made it into our day, but when was the last time it really mattered that much to us...that it kept us from wanting to go to bed?  How often have we gone to bed without even thinking about it?

One of my favorite times at night is when I get to sit down with Noah and read a passage from Acts.  Over the past two years I have heard sermon after sermon covering portions of Acts, but it seems to come even more real as I read it to a 5 year old and try to explain to him what happened and why.   He never ceases to amaze me with how much he can remember from week to week, let alone night to night.  It is beautiful to see him actually remember passages and what they mean.

Not to be outdone, Taylor generally has the typical Sunday school answer of "Jesus loves us" to any and all questions I ask about what that passage meant.

Anyway, I again wanted to share how challenged I was by my kids and how amazing it is that we complicate so much and yet they make it something so simple.

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