Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Women as Equals

This morning, I started reading  the blog of Donald Miller and his topic of the day was whether women wanted to be treated as equals or treated as men.  I found the article interesting as I have been struggling with how our culture deals with women in today's world.  He goes on to explain that women would rather be treated as equals rather than as men because men interact differently with each other than women would ever want to be interacted with.  Check out the thoughts, its quite interesting.

I have been wrestling with this topic for quite some time because I believe our society is doing women an injustice.  I don't believe women are equal to men.  Hold it, I know what you are thinking....that statement could have easily offended some of you.  I have had this conversation with my wife numerous times and she understands my opinion. 

The reason I say they aren't equal to men, is because no where in the Bible does it say they are equal.  It says they are a weaker vessel, and that certainly makes them not equal.  I do believe they are just as important as men and valued by God none the less.  What I believe is that men and women are on different "playing fields" and shouldn't be compared to one another at all when it comes to being "equals."

Now, I could go on and on with my thoughts on the roles of men and women, but I am sure some of you would disagree.  What I want to do though is challenge you to look through the Bible and see if your views of men and women align with what the it teaches.  If you are married, really do your research.  You owe it to your spouse.

Long story short, I think we as a society have really committed a great injustice towards women.  We have lost sight of the roles God intended us to have and many both men and women have sought after our own desires trying to validate our existence. We forget that our existence is already validated because God created us and God wanted to create us.  He created both Men and Women to fulfill His purpose in different ways.

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