Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is it what we think it is?

Ok, so I really shortened down the title from its original authors'.  I like to keep mine short.   Anyway, the original title is "How does American Culture Influence Christianity?"  I thought that was an interesting title, because I don't know that it should.  Anyway here is what Donald Miller had to say today.  I found it fascinating and rather insightful.

It’s a broad topic that deserves a book, of course, but just asking the question has value.
I’ll choose only one area to start, and that’s our culture’s preoccupation with the self and success. I mean this as one topic because the kind of success we are talking about is really about self glory.
America loves a winner. All cultures do, but we love them especially and I’d even say more.
I remember spending time in Peru, where the pace is slow, even uncomfortably slow. I daily watched farmers walk into their fields from their tiny huts and asked our hiking guide what the values of the culture were. I asked because nobody was really bent on success in the American sense. They weren’t trying to build small businesses and seemed content on being, well, largely anonymous.

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