Monday, October 8, 2012

A Provision

I would like to make a habit of always looking for God in everything I do.  Sometimes, I struggle with doing that.  Today, is not one of those days.

For years I worked at "retail supply store."  When I finally found a new job, I thought it would be nice to stay on part time for a while just to hang on to the discounts and to make a few extra bucks each month. It was nice to have the extra money, but before long I was getting tired of having that take up my family time.  I told my boss I had to stop working for "retail supply store", but if she would like to keep me on for minimal part time as a "consultant" I could do that.  This way I could help them when they needed it.

Two weeks ago that all ended.  My manager let me know that I could no longer stay on her payroll list.  She let me know that I should be receiving my last paycheck pretty soon.  I understood and  I started to think of what I could do with the money that I would be getting from that check.

I have been wanting to buy the boys a keyboard for a while, as I sold mine a while back planning on buying a new one, so that was an easy option.  I knew we had to register our car so this extra money was going to help with that,  but these were my ideas.....not Gods.

One of our cars had been making a weird noise for a bit so I was going to have it fixed.  I took it to Sam's Club to have it looked at and they told me one of our tires was bad and that was most likely the problem.  That sounded right as I had done some research online and several people mentioned that could be what it was.

Long story short, I had to buy two new tires. (Didn't solve the problem, by the way)  On top of that, I had some other things that ended up needing some monetary attention.  All said and done the extra time my boss had keyed it really helped.  Without it, I am sure we could have pulled some things together to make it work, but in the midst of it I could actually see God's provision for us.  He knew what we were going to need and made it happen.

I had had that deal with my boss for probably 5 or more months now and there was no reason it had to have lasted this long to end my employment.  It was all about God's timing. 

To add to the story, it turns out the car had a bad wheel bearing that my dad was able to change.  (It  is a blessing to be able to have help like that.)  In the process the auto supply store couldn't locate the one they had quoted us so they sold us the nicer one at the same cost. (I don't know why, but somehow I want to say that was part of God's plan as well.)  For me, this all just goes to show that sometimes God's blessings can come in the form of hard-times, money, or people.  I am just glad that I can actually recognize it as such.

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