Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't tip 'em

Today, I write as I was somewhat inspired by my wife, but also reminded of something we have talked about for a long time together.  Growing up, I always saw my parents tip the waiter/waitress well.  I don't know that I ever really knew how much they tipped, but back then it seemed like they waiter or waitress was getting paid more just for doing their job.  Don't we all wish we had a job like that?

The problem is, that they aren't really getting paid to do their job in the first place.  They are getting paid very little and our tips are what actually does pay them.  I would venture to guess that most people tip based on what they perceive as good service or bad service, while others have a  set amount they start out with and then they can "earn" more if they are "good."

I set this all up, as I am again reminded of the question my wife always asks after we leave a restaurant. "Did you tip 'em well?" (I don't think she actually says 'em, but I find it fun to type, don't know

You see, my wife has a heart for others...always has.  She wants to see other people loved, cared for, and respected.  We live in a society where, whether we care to admit it or not, we place value on people based on what they do or can do for us, rather than who they are....God's children.  The reason she asks me that, is because I, at times, forget what a tip really is.  It is not really paying them for doing their is not really rewarding them for good is not even thanking them for what they did for us.  It is showing them God's love.

I say this, remembering a pastor several years ago who liked conduct his office visits in restaurants so that he would have an opportunity to share God's love, while conducting business.  He typically would go to the same place time and time again until he got to know some of the people that worked there.  You could easily recognize the fact they he was there frequently because he would have a way of asking how they were doing, how different aspects of their life were going in ways only someone with a relationship with them could do.  It amazed me that he would do this.  I respected him more for it.

God called us to love share His love with others.  When we go out to eat or go to the grocery store for that matter, think about that. Think about how you treat the people that you are interacting with.  Think of them as people, people who need to know God still cares about them.  Even if you're a believer, you still need to be reminded sometimes.   Take a look at the world, its hurting, are you helping or destroying your opportunity to change that.

Watch the video and think about the song.  It will all tie in at the end. 

Tipping, Praying for, talking to, interacting with all all ways we can share God's love with those we meet.  They are simple ways to be different than the world.  They are ways that someone might realize people....God....really does care. 

 Oh, and in regards to the title, you me be wondering where that came from....well... I just want to say, don't be caught thinking "don't tip 'em"  If you decide you do want to be rude or unloving to the waiter/waitress/cashier...make sure to go out of your way to not let them find out your a Christian, we have a bad enough name as is it.

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