Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your Tower of Babel

Genesis 11:1-9

Recently, I have decided I want to read the bible in a whole new way.  I want to read it as if it were the first time I have read it, and try to forget much of what I have been taught and try to find out what it really means. Try to look at it beyond what my American eyes let me see.  In doing so I came across a story that I have heard so many times. 

You see, the guys in the story wanted to create something for make a name for themselves....they didn't want to be forgotten.   Not only that they wanted the tower to be a symbol of who they were and to help them stay close and not spread out throughout the world.  (Which is what God told Noah and his sons to be fruitful and multiply to fill the whole earth) 

I wonder how many times we do this.  We want to make a name for ourselves, we want to be remembered, we want to be recognized.  In reality, God has bigger plans in store.  He knows there is so much more for us, but we are too busy doing what we want.  Trying to seek the approval of men, the recognition of men, and the honor that comes with it. So many times we even do it in the midst of ministry.  We try to build the biggest ministry, the best ministry, the one that gets the most recognition, but that is not what God had planned.

You see, God had other plans and so until this point, sometimes I wondered why God would want to confuse people.  I wondered why he wouldn't want men to be able to do anything they set their mind to.  It says that He saw that they could do anything and He went down and confused them by making them all speak different languages.  That just seems like it would complicate all that He is trying to accomplish in us.

I have come to an understanding that again, His ways are not our ways.  He knew what he was doing.  He had to make these people go through a time of not relying on each other but rather would realize they didn't need to make a name for themselves.  He already knew their name and nothing else matters.   I am certian through the confusion many learned so much more how much they depend on God for so many things.  I know many times in my life I have been so confused as to what to do next and God has always been there to help me through. 

I believe He allows things to come our way, especially when we are going our own way, to help us realize we are missing the point.  It is not about making a name for ourselves.  It is not about getting recognition.  It is not about who we are, but rather who He is. What He has done. 

It's so hard to live like that.

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