Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In my quest to find clarity, I have began to read through the bible...starting with Genesis.  Yes, I know most people don't recommend this, but I want to see God in a new way.  I want to see Him as the scriptures say, rather than others interpretations.  Which is rather hard seing as a lot of what it says needs to be put in a Jewish filter just to understand what the significance really is.

Today, however, is not necissarily one of those times.  In reading the stories of Abraham, it is easy to identify with him.  He is often scared of death, what others might do, believing what God tells him, and being willing to be patient.  I think we all deal with that from time to time.  Yet, it never ceases to amaze me that God never leaves him.  He comes back to him time and time again even in the midst of trying to do things his own way, God is still there.  One thing is evident though, they do have a relationship. 

I believe this portion of Genesis paints a beautiful picture of how deep our relationship with God really should be.  He is able to openly speak to God about how he cares for people and begs God not to kill those who happen to live in the wrong place and the wrong time.  He laughs when God tells him he is going to have a son through Sarah.  Yet, through his relationship he continues to learn more about who God is and eventually gets to where he believes so much in God's justice that he is willing to sacrifice his son to stay in relationship with him. 

This story is ever so comforting to me, just knowing that even though I might sometimes question God, find it hard to believe what He is telling me, or commit a sin against Him, that ultimatly what is important is that I have a relationship with Him.  

I challenge you to read through the story of Abraham and really look for how many times he commits what we consider to be a sin against God and yet, there God is, talking to him, challenging him, teaching him how to change.


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