Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stay Close My Son

So... Today has been a real challenge to come up with a topic.  Thanks to my Dad's help and a couple of his connections, we were able to get both of our cars up and running again.  Two weeks dealing with all those issues can really create some stress if you let it.  Now, I am back to a place where I know I need to continue to rely on God, but it is so easy to say, "everything is ok, I can take it from here," whether I care to admit it or not. 

I have found that over the years God has put me in situations that cause me to draw closer to Him and realize how much I really need Him. While it is a scary place to be from a human standpoint, it is during those times that I draw closer to God and really find what it is He is asking of me. Now that I recognize that, it is somewhat scary to not be in that position.  It is so easy to just go about life and gradually slip away from where I was, sometimes without even noticing for a while.  I have to admit....the "blog" does help.

As I was dealing with this all in my mind today, I began to have this sense that God was just saying "Stay close, my son." I know that is what He wants.  I know He wants to be close to us.  It is just a hard reality to accept: knowing that God calls us Sons and Daughters. 

It is times such as this that I am reminded of my relationship with my boys.  Whenever you get out of the car as a family, you tell the boys to stay close.  It's not just that we want them to be close to us for the relationship aspect, but at that point it has more to do with their safety.  I'm certain it is the same way with God. 

Do you ever think that God has saved you from something that you might not have even known about? How many times would you have been killed in a car accident if He hadn't intervened unbeknownst to you?  How many times has He protected you against sickness that could kill you?  How many times does he intervened in our lives that we have no clue about? 

I know God has protected me many times.  I've seen it. How many times though has He said "Stay Close," and I have not listened and then had to deal with being out of His protection....out of His desires....out of His Will?  Scary place to be.....

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