Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Recently, I have been dealing with quite a few different things, but one thing on my mind quite a bit lately is what have be been desensitized too?  Never before in our society has so much material been at the tips of our fingers.  There is so much on tv now that was deemed unacceptable not too many years ago.  It's amazing what we actually see on tv and what we are bombarded with everyday via billboards/internet.  The question is, do you even notice?

I ask because I have began to pay attention to what I am actually taking in, I have found that it is everywhere and a real challenge to steer away from.

Recently, my wife and I have given up almost all tv watching unless it is with our boys.  When we began to really see what was on tv, it was disheartening to know that I have been subjecting myself and my family to such material.

Many believe that what they watch is ok and that it doesn't really affect them.  I beg to differ.

While pornography isn't allowed on national channels yet, it seems as if we are headed that way.  A lot of what is on tv is borderline or pushing the limits to see how close they can get and still be allowed on to be broadcast.  Studies show that pornography is just like a drug.  It releases chemicals in the brain to what some equate to that of cocaine.  No one just randomly decides to start viewing porn, they are fed bits and pieces until they become addicted and start searching for it.  When I put this in the front of my mind and actually paid attention to what I was watching or seeing, it was astounding. 

Challenge for you.  Next time you sit down to watch your favorite show, turn it off at the first sign of sexual immorality or a woman wearing clothes that are too revealing.  Next time you check out youtube, close your browser at the first sign of something inappropriate on the suggested videos.  I guarantee if you are watching anything on a national television show you will have the tv turned off within 10 min.  Regardless of what you are looking at on youtube (even a christian comedian) you will have your browser closed in less than 5 videos.

This is all just one aspect of what we have become desensitized too, but its a big one.  Sex sells because its like a drug.  I know you don't want to be a drug dealer, but are you dealing drugs to your kids?

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