Monday, February 20, 2012

What are we missing?

As I have mentioned before, part of this blog is for me to express what my changes in view are.  Today however, will be a little different.  In my efforts to see things differently, I have began to read through Genesis to really see what it is that I have always through / grazed over....or just plain hadn't learned much about.

I began today reading through chapter 27 and ready through chapter 30.  Its the story of Jacob, who's son most of us have heard about Joseph.

I found it interesting how many things took place in their lives that would be considered so wrong in our day-in-age.  Jacob worked 7 years for his first wife (which he didn't really want and was tricked into), worked an additional 7 years for his second wife (whom he did want), then not only did he end up having kids with both of them, but they both also gave them their servants to him to have kids with as well.  I know there is a lot of societal differences between now and then and we view things so much differently, but this is just something I can't understand.  Hence, why I am wanting to learn more.  I want to learn what God is trying to teach me through this.

Jacob even goes on to basically steal from his Wives father by tricking him and God ends up helping Jacob leave the current circumstances and go on with all the wealth he has accumulated.

This is all so confusing. It is all so wrong in my American eyes. Which ultimately brings me to my point for today.  I am just glad God can see the big picture.  I am glad He is in control.  I am glad that vengence is His and that His ways are not my ways.  So much came out of the Joseph. Without all of what Jacob went through and delt with, Joseph wouldn't have been in the situation he was put in (which by the way I can see why there was so much sibling rivalry here) and then save so many from dieing.  All I can say is WOW!

Now, just because I accept this doesn't mean I shouldn't try to view the story from a different way to.  I will be doing my research and trying to find what else God is sharing through this story.  I know I am missing so much just because I know God wouldn't put it in the bible if it wasn't important to His story.

Oh how I wish I could see as HE sees!  We are so blind sometimes.

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