Monday, February 6, 2012

Thou Shalt Not Lie

The other night, my brother and I went to see Tim Hawkins. (For those of you that might not know who he is, he is a christian commedian....check him out on youtube.)  During the show it started to amaze me how much we were just laughing at the truth. He wasn't really making a whole lot up, he was just pointing out the truth.  It made me wonder.  What makes this really funny.  Yes, I know, presentation is everything, but still its interesting.  Could it be that the reason it is funny is because we are often too scared to speak the truth?  Thank about it.  When was the last time that you bent the truth, told a little white lie.  Many of us do it every day.  Someone asks us how we are doing and we say good, not too bad, or great.  How often though, have we considered answering with the truth.  I heard another commedian a while back say that he likes to tell the waitress at the restraunt he is doing terrible when they ask, just to see if they are listening and what they would do if they heard someone say that.  Its the truth though.  Sometimes we are doing terrible. 

I wonder how much different life would be if we spoke the way God intended. I mean, He did tell us not to lie, right?  Or was that just a suggestion?

The way I see it, God told us not to lie, because it helps our relationships.  Sure it might cause a little pain at first or let you hear something you didn't want to hear.  (I say this because this is used so much) Think about it, "Honey, do you like this dress?"  "No...not really" Not necissarily something you wanted to hear, but before long that honestly will spill over into other parts of life and the two will really get to know each other. 

I think so many people really just want to be known, but are so scared of it. We spend so much time hiding so that no one knows who we are and then wonder why we feel so alone. 

Anyway, this is all easier said that done, but can you imagine what life would be like?  How much closer we would all be?  How much more we could be like Jesus?

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