Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Worship = Change

As I was looking for something to listen to today while I was working, I came across a message by Louie Giglio.  The title was worship so I really felt like I should listen to it, as worship is a big deal in my life.  As I listened it all boiled down to one concept at the end.  The concept was that if we are truly worshiping God, we will be changed.

I am not going to go into all that he says because that would just be trying to put in a few words what he takes about an hour to say.  What I want to say is that I have seen that in my life.  The times I feel closest to God; the times I feel like I have a true picture of who God is, are the times when I know God is changing something in me. I believe that if we are worshiping God we are changing.

I know it seems long, but if you can find time to watch his videos, Louie never disappoints. 

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