Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not too bad

As I mentioned yesterday, I have never been disappointed by listening to Louie Giglio.  He always has a way of speaking that resonates with ones soul.  God has truly blessed him in the way he communicates the gospel.

The last couple nights after the kids have gone to bed Marcey and I have taken a few minutes to listen to one of his series.  We have it on DVD and it's called prayer remix.  I don't want to attempt to cover everything he said, nor really discuss prayer for all that mater, but I want to share something that really got me thinking.

If you ever leave your place of isolation someone is bound to ask you, "how are you?"  My typical response is, "not too bad."  For me, without thinking about it, I give that response because it is non-committal.  I don't have to be doing good, and I don't have to be doing bad.  It typically doesn't stem into further conversation.  (On the other hand, the person asking the question is rarely actually listening to the answer, but that is a whole different post to be had.)  I have never really thought much about the answer other than it is similar to that of what so many others give.

In the DVD Louie mentions how often times we ask God to "bless us" or "bless this or bless that" depending on what is going on.  When in reality God has already blessed us in so many ways on top of the fact that we are blessed because of what Jesus did.

He went on to mention how often we have responses just like mine that seem so routine that we forget to think about how blessed we are.  I don't think we need to say "I'm blessed" out of habit, but I think we could say it as a reminder of how blessed we are in spite of all else that is going on. So often we get focused on our day to day lives that we forget that our focus should be on Christ and that if our focus is on Him we have no choice to realize how blessed we are.  I know I am guilty of forgetting that.  I know I can let the day to day stuff get in the way of my overall joy that we should have.  It doesn't mean we have to be happy, but we can still find joy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that today because it really made me think about how little I realize how blessed I am.  Maybe you do the same as well.

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