Thursday, August 23, 2012

Music for Life

I was thinking this morning about playing music with a group of people.  I have played with several different groups over the year (none that were professional and mostly church groups) and there is a common issue that many of the groups don't realize or understand that they have. 

Several years ago I was privileged to play on a team that really understood what it meant to play together.  Sure "playing together" can mean that everyone is playing at the same time, but that doesn't make music.  Really, to me it sounds like a bunch of mud and trying to play with a group like that is very challenging.  What I meant by really playing together is that they all knew how to listen to each other.  They realized they each had a part to play.  They stepped out of each others way.  They would do whatever it would take to serve the group as a whole. They made music.

As I was thinking about that concept this morning, I began to wonder if maybe it works because it is a perfect reflection of what God wants from us.  He wants us to listen to people, care about people, serve people and not just try to do our own thing.  It's not easy, just like learning to play as a group isn't easy.  It takes practice.  It takes a few failures.  It takes learning from your mistakes.  It takes a willing heart and an attitude of service.

I know the video below won't be for everyone, but if you have time and can sit through it Paul will give some of a demonstration of what it is like for a musician to really learn to listen and know what to do.  I had hoped to find a clip from Paul Boloche's new DVD, but no luck. 

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