Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chapter 5 - I love Jesus, I love God

Last night I came home from a meeting to find Taylor out of bed.  It was past his bed time, his pajamas were on, and he was asking for a drink (a common request after being in bed) so I knew Marcey had already put them in bed and they were supposed to be on their way to sleep.

Being that I had been gone most of the evening, I was glad he was up so that I could tell him goodnight and love on him before he went back to bed.  I asked him for a hug and ran over put his arms around my neck and told me, "I love Jesus and I love God." 

For those of you who have or have had children you know this is something you love to hear come out of their mouth.  For me, its a sign that our faith is at-least evident to them and that they know how important our relationship with God is.  It also was an encouragement in that, we know they are processing what we are teaching them. 

Anyway, as I put him down and he started to walk down the hallway he turned around and looked at me and said, "Jesus is alive again."  To which all I could say is "yes, you are right."

To me, its amazing how much he already understands what that means.  Through other conversations I have had with Marcey, I learned that he knows what that means.  He knows that Jesus died on a cross, but that He is not dead anymore. 

Jesus taught repeatedly that we needed to have faith like a child.  For me, when I look at my kids I can see why.  I think they have a better understanding of who God is and what he has done for us that we realize.  Children haven't listen to as many lies as satan has told us over the years and believed them.  They can believe God is who He says his is without doubting.  That could be why I feel sometimes Noah's prayers are so powerful. I don't know how many times I have asked him to pray for something because I know if he prays for it there is a pretty good chance something is going to happen. 

Anyway, the whole experience is humbling for me.  Just by his words, I know Taylor has been processing and thinking about the fact that he loves Jesus and he loves God.  I wonder how many times in our lives things would be better if we could just cling to that simple statement. 

Marcey told me the other day that she heard Taylor singing "Jesus Loves Me" while they were in the car.  She said that right along with the words to the song he added, "and I love Jesus."  I don't know that there is a greater joy in a parents life than knowing that their child loves Jesus.

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