Monday, March 25, 2013

Spiritual Gifts

I have never given much thought to spiritual gifts.  A few nights ago my wife said she had just taken a spiritual gifts test and asked if I would like to take one as well.  If you have been around me long enough to have witnessed me taking any of these spiritual gift tests/ personality tests, you will know that my scores are often quite different than what is typically expected. 

I've had some people tell me that my scores represent me learning to be someone I'm not while my true inner self still wants to shine through.  In other words....I'm a little messed up.  LOL

In most of these tests, one is supposed to be strong in one area and weak in another.  My scores typically come out pretty well balanced.

When I took the test that she had found, similar results came in.  Sure, I had a few that were quite a bit lower, but I had several that were right up there at the top and a few that were spaced a little lower than that, but not much.  I like to say I am well rounded...LOL

Now, I don't know how accurate they are and I am sure some of them have more to do with where I am in life, but I found them interesting none the less.  I am writing this post, not necessarily to share what it says my gifts are, but rather to have a point to look back at and see if I am staying true to those gifts. 

I would also be curious to hear about what your gifts are.  Seeing as God has called me to ministry in the past, I thought I would be higher up on the teaching and pastoring gifts, but the more I read the definitions I can understand why I scored lower than I would have expected.  They weren't a lot lower (which I had some that were), but interesting none the less.

If you want to take the test for yourself, click here.  It only takes a few minutes and is 96 questions.  You might find it interesting to take if nothing else.  I know it got me thinking about the way I respond to certain experiences and circumstances.  It's always fun to learn a little more about yourself.

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