Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dehumanization and Equality

Yesterday, I wrote about the two lies that most of us have bought into.  Today, I want to consider what really happens when we buy into those lies.

A while back I was listening to someone speak on the dehumanization of people in our society and how often it really occurs. I hadn't ever thought about the topic much, so it rather intrigued me.  Then with all that has been going on recently the word "dehumanizing" has really stuck with me for some reason. 

As I think about Easter coming up in the next few days I can't help but wonder how often we take what Christ did for granted and forget that He did for everyone, not just those who choose to "obey His rules."

As I saw all of the red equal signs being displayed on facebook recently, I couldn't help myself from trying to find God in the situation.  With so many ways to respond and so many arguments that don't need to be had, I wondered how Christ would have responded. 

That is when it hit me, the cross is how He did respond.  He responded in a way that put everyone on an equal playing field.  He died so that we might all be equals and that we all could have the hope that is found only in Him. 

People beg, plead, argue, fight, and (whatever you want to define it as) for equality when it has already been given.  I get the fact that life doesn't seem fair.  Things are harder for some than for others.  God didn't promise a life of fairness, but rather He promised a life of equality in Him.  There will always be arguments about equal rights for people. 

When I heard what Lecrae said yesterday, it made perfect sense to me.  "Religion aside. What are we basing equality on? The right to be with whoever you love? What if I love my sister? A 13 year old? An animal? Does the basis for equality still work? I'm Not spewing hate, I'm asking honestly about consistency? Again I'm leaving religion out of this,"

Someone is always going to be fighting for equality in one way or another.  It just so happens that right now it is for marriage equality.  Who am I to think I need to be equal with those who the world deems "better" or "more right."  What if I said I wanted equal rights to start a large business and therefor I should be given large loans just the same as those who have millions of dollars.  The only difference, would be that I would end up enslaved to my debtor for years on end where as someone who has millions to begin with is just using the resources God has given them.

When we give into sin whether it be, homosexuality, lust, lying, stealing, drunkenness, etc. we become trapped in that bondage that Christ has paid for our release from. One sin is not greater than another, and we all have sin, and we all struggle with it.   The goal is to grow closer to Christ each day so that we can live a life free from bondage.

I am for people being free from bondage.  I am for people having life to the full.  I am for "re"humanizing people and sharing God's love with whomever it may be regardless of the the bondage they may be in.  It's not easy, but God never said following Him would be easy. 

I am on a journey to know Christ. I want to know Him more so that I may understand more how to love people the way He would love them.  I want to see people as equals and see people as people.  I want to be able to share Christ with all people so that they are able to be set free from the bondage of sin and live the life God desires for them.  That may not be through words, but rather through action. 


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