Thursday, January 24, 2013

Was it relating?

I know I wrote about  relating to our culture a week back or so, but last night talking with my wife I came up with another interesting idea.  God himself created a way to relate to the people when He asked them to build the tabernacle.  I had never quite thought of it that way, but we can't possibly think that God is all present now and wasn't all present then.  We have record of Him speaking to various people throughout that time period.

The people of that time obviously wanted something physical to worship, just like later they wanted a physical king to rule over them.  All the other cultures of that day were worshiping idols and had physical representations of their gods.  They had places of worship and were very "religious" to keep their god happy. 

When Moses came down and saw the golden calf the Israelites had created while he and God were together, I can only imagine what Moses was thinking. God however was quick to come up with a way to give them what they desired in hopes that it would help them relate to Him.  He had them build a place where they could be "religious" and have a place to come before God. 

Makes me wonder if this was all part of His original plan or if it was just another way of relating to us humans in a way we could understand.  Ultimately like  we normally do we go to the extreme and really miss what God was doing.

It had always been my assumption that God wanted to have a place to dwell amongst His people, but why would God want it that way then and now make Himself available to everyone.  Looking at how many people God interacted with and spoke to that were outside of this tabernacle makes me curious as to if God has put other "tabernacles" in my life trying to find a way to relate to me. 

If God is really all about relationship, He always has been.  God doesn't change.  Relationships happen when people find a way to relate to each other.  Is God trying to find a way to relate to you and I?

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