Thursday, May 24, 2012

Self Discipline

Self discipline is so hard.  Over the past few months I have started running 3 times a week trying to get in some-what in shape so that when my kids are older I can run and play with them.  Sometimes when I run I feel like quitting, or walking, or just taking it easy....and honestly, sometimes I do.  When I do, I feel so disappointed in myself, because I know it is just a mental game.  I know if I discipline myself and push through those thoughts, I can make it to the next level.  It's not easy, it's not always fun, but its worth it.  I feel so much more accomplished for it.  I feel like I have succeeded.

I wonder if sometimes in our walk with Christ, He is asking us to be more self disciplined.  Not necessarily that we need to do more, but rather He wants us to discipline ourselves to trust Him more.  This world we live in operates in a fashion completely opposite that of God.   What would happen if we disciplined ourselves to trusting Him in a way that we operated in a way that goes against what the world has taught us is right?

I want to discuss this further, but I'm kind of out-of-it today as I just gave blood.  I will be discussing this more tomorrow, but wanted to give you an opportunity to think about it.

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