Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Perspective

If you read my post yesterday, you probably have a good understanding of where I am right now.  If you didn't read it, it can best be described as I am just waiting.  There is more to it than that, so I would encourage you to read it, but none-the-less I am waiting.  Not sure what I am waiting on, but I am waiting. 

Since we moved back to our home town, almost a year ago, I have had the opportunity to join a men's accountability group with a few guys that are really honest about who they are and what they are dealing with.  It is refreshing to see men willing to be open in the midst of a society where we are taught to isolate ourselves and keep our struggles secret.  In was in this weekly meeting that I was able to get a glimpse of how God can use me while I am in this waiting period. 

In the middle of listening to a couple guys talk, I began to realize how much I identified with them in different ways.  I could hear part of my story coming out in the story they were living.  They were in the place that I used to be.  They were dealing with similar issues, struggles, and challenges that I had or have been dealing with.  I could see a bigger picture of why God had brought me to that place.

As I sat there, I began to ask God for the words, wisdom, and timing of how to share what I have learned with these men.  He began to open my eyes to these parts of my life so that I could see how He wanted to use me now.  He showed me how I can share these parts with them so they could understand that I have been in their shoes.  I could relate to them.

 Even though I feel like I am in a waiting period, He still wants to use me.  He still wants to work through me.  I just have to be willing to open up and share when He asks.  This brought a little encouragement during a time when I felt discouraged.  It is amazing at how He works in our life and how often His provision is in a time and place we least expect it. 

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