Friday, May 25, 2012

Self Discipline (take 2)

As I mentioned yesterday, I wonder if a big portion of our struggles in like could be solved by self discipline.  The more I contemplate it and think about what God has asked of us, I think it goes hand-in-hand with having faith in God.

Think about it, when Jesus was tempted in the desert He overcame by exerting self control and understanding that by doing so He would allow God to give Him what He needs.  I think that is where we go wrong so often.  We see what we perceive as a need and do what we want to fill it without depriving ourselves so that God can give us what He knows what we need. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have been trying to run more recently and for me that takes a decent amount of self discipline.  I know it seems small and unimportant, but I think God puts things like this in each of our lives where He wants to teach us to be self disciplined.  It's a form of practice so that when we really need to be disciplined in what we are doing, we have an understanding of what it takes.  Yes, I know He will give us the strength, but there is still that part of us that has to rely on that strength. 

Anyway, these are my thoughts today.  I guess it's time to evaluate how I am doing and figure out what it is going to take to be disciplined when it comes to bigger things and not be so willing to give in.

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