Monday, May 16, 2011

Where do you stand?

I have spent the past several years really trying to figure out who I am and what I believe.  There have been a number of circumstances that have really challenged my faith and what I believe.  Through these circumstances I have come to realize that there are many views I once held so tight.  One of the hardest things to deal with for me currently is where to draw the line on living a "normal" life and living one completely sold out for Christ.  I have a great family and I wouldn't want to  give them up for anything in the world, but I can completely understand know why Paul said it would be better for a man to stay single.  I know my happiness and joy is made so much better by the family I have, but what if I could really give up everything and following him.  It would be easy with out a family to spend your entire waking existence giving knowing that it would be furthering his kingdom.  So where is that line now?  Can we really ask our families to give up everything or is there a balance?  I have been dealing with this for years wondering if I have too much and should be giving more of it away.  I know where I want to say my heart is, and I know God looks at the heart, but I also believe that our actions match our heart.  So really, how do we determine what is right and what is wrong?  How do we determine what is too much stuff or what is ok to have?  Where do we start drawing the line between building up what we have here and giving away so that we might reach more?  Where do you stand?

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