Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your thoughts...

Today is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts.  As I was thinking about the whole Hobby Lobby issue today and as people were bringing up other things in relation to Hobby Lobby I began to wonder how people choose which places to support and which places not to support.   Is it something you even consider when shopping?

I'm not really looking to find out what side of which issues you choose to stand on, but I wonder if for many people they just shop where they want to shop because of price, quality, service, etc.

I hear people all the time criticize big businesses for where they purchase their goods, the quality of service they have or the quality of the goods, but do we ever stop to consider our own purchasing habits.

We criticize companies for buying goods from China, yet we purchase from so many companies that purchase from China.  We criticize businesses for their  poor customer service, but we give them poor customers to begin with.  We criticize companies for the poor quality of their products, but we aren't willing to pay for what we get.

What if we examined where we purchased our products and how we interacted with those we purchase from?  Would we be able to find businesses that only aligned themselves with our values?  Where do you draw the line?  Are there any larger companies that check out all of their suppliers to ensure their vendors are operating the same way they would want them to.  Does it matter? 

We all have our own opinions of what is right and what is wrong.  Which businesses are good and which ones are bad.  Many of us want a free market and what the ability to choose where we buy our products.  Are companies allowed to be wrong?  Do we allow them to suffer the consequences of their actions?  Do we support them if they are right and so many are against them? 

When was the last time you paid extra for the higher quality and better service you get at a small mom and pop store?  Did you check out their business practices?  Why did you support them.

Perhaps we go looking for reasons not to support big business.  Perhaps we don't do enough to support small business.  Perhaps we forget to examine ourselves....

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