Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chapter 11 - I need you, Daddy

Lilly has always been a "mommy's girl."  Everything is mommy this, mommy that.  In the last week or so she has began to interact with me even more and last night I heard the words. "I need you, Daddy!"

She was in the bath and from my best guess, just wanted me to come check on her.  As I walked in she jabbered a few things that I couldn't understand, but in the end she was just happy that I came.

This isn't the first time that she had said said she needed me, but it sparked a thought in me.  When I hear her say, "I need you, Daddy," it stirs something in me.  It is as if she understands she can't do something without me.  In that moment, I was required for what she wanted.

As I think about that interaction and think about how we view God, I wonder how it makes God feel when we say, "I need you, Daddy!"  I feel like people over the years we have been taught that God is not a cosmic vending machine (which He is not), but it has almost been taken to the point of we have a hard time being honest with God and telling Him we need Him.

While He is not our cosmic vending machine, I think God has a certain sense of joy when we come to the point of saying, "I need you."  I think when we reach that point is when we too realize we cannot live without Him and that we can't do what we need to without Him.

It is easy to go about life and try to do things in life on our own.  We try and try and try to do everything and we forget that God doesn't want to be a last resort, but rather wants to walk with us and be there with us every step of the way.

Maybe it's just me, but those words, "I need you, Daddy," were beautiful and since I can delight in my child saying that to me, I can only imagine the joy it brings to God when His children say it to Him.

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